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About Us...

In 2005, I started the journey to becoming a Certified Wellness Chiropractor

This training taught me the science of the body: what it needs to eat; how it needs to move; and how mental thoughts affect it. This innate knowledge can be used to heal many ailments. The before picture of me was taken, February, 2005, seven months before I began the training. As I learned, I implemented wellness practices it into my own life.

The after picture was taken February 2007, six months after being awarded the certification. It is now 2009, and by living this innate lifestyle I have kept the weight off, continue to slim down, tone up and have more energy. This didn't happen overnight. It was a gradual change to my body, so gradual I didn't even notice! A sales lady told me I was shopping in the wrong section of the store. I gave up trying to lose weight. Instead, I exchanged that goal for a new one: living a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss was the side effect.

I am very grateful for all that I have learned and my ability to share this with my patients.

I love what I do.  Chiropractic is definitely my passion!


Dr Maggie - 2005

Dr Maggie - 2007

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