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Adjunct Therapies...

Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture, like other Oriental therapies, is used to help the body regain balance and thereby eliminate pain and disease. A complex network of over 365 points have been mapped by the Chinese over the course of the past two thousand years. Though it's just in the past three decades that electromagnetic research has confirmed the existence of these points. They are stimulated by inserting fine needles into the body.

How does it work?

Qi (pronounced chee) is the vital energy which flows throughout the body. If our qi becomes blocked or out of balance then pain and disease result. Chinese Medicine works to restore balance and harmony to the flow of GI and thus return the body to a healthy state. Western research has found that many positive changes occur with acupuncture such as the release of endorphins (natural opiate pain killers), serotonin or cortical hormones. Which explains how acupuncture can produce so many profound changes.

Is it safe?

When performed by a competently trained, licensed professionals, acupuncture is extremely safe. Most, if not all, acupuncturists today use individually packaged, sterile, disposable needles.

Does it hurt?

Insertion of the needles goes unnoticed by some and to others feels like a small pinch followed a sensation of tingling, numbness, aches, traveling warmth or heaviness. Needles remain in place for twenty to forty minutes. Most people are pleased to find that sessions are not uncomfortable and even look forward to them.     2 Turtles Wellness Site

Koryo Hand Therapy

KHT combines the simplicity of reflexology with the sophistication of 3000 years of Oriental Acupuncture Medicine. KHT was developed in Korea in 1971.    Koryo Hand Therapy Website

Lightbeam therapy / Cold Laser therapy

"The Lymphstar Pro® is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities. They are: 1) physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic, waves; 2) an electro-static field; and 3) electro-pressure created by the use of multiple treatment points. All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe. Subtle energies like these may be called "vibrational energy," as they are a level more perceptible to the energy system, or bio-field, than more aggressive modalities used to treat the body. However, by their very natures, the lymphatic vessels tune into and respond beautifully to this kind of energy! It is the TRANSPORTATION highway for the immune and repair functions of the body! When functioning properly it effectively cleanses the tissues, aids in cellular repair and eliminates toxins. We call it "the information highway" of the immune systems, creating vitality, beauty, and preventing illness." This service is now available at the office. Call for an appointment today. Appointments are 15 minutes to 30 minutes long.     Lightbeam Therapy Website

Intrinsic Coaching®

Intrinsic Coaching® increases people’s capacity to think better about choices in ways that continue to develop over time and multiply from person to person.    Totally Coached Website

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