Functional Blood chemistry

Your numbers are in the normal range but you don’t feel well. Functional blood chemistry analysis looks at the functional physiology ranges not the pathological ranges to determine what is going on in the body. The range is typically smaller. The numbers are looked at independently and then in relationship to each other.

Examples are fasting blood glucose pathological range is 65-110 functional range is 85-99, HA1C is 4.5 to 5.6 both functional and pathologically . Let’s say glucose is 100 and Ha1C is 5.7. The medical doctor may say you are fine but these numbers are showing that while fasting and over the last 3 months your blood sugar has averaged higher; making your body work harder to keep that number around 100. This will cause stress to the brain and how it functions. We will then look to see the triglyceride number as that is the sugar part of the lipid panel. Putting this all together helps us to determine your current health and risk for disease. Thyroid is another good example of this the pathological range is 0.40-6.0 but 1.8-3.0 is the functional range.